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You Don’t Need Another MLM Training Course.

There are a lot of great people on the interwebs that will sell you a great MLM training course to help you move your business forward.

As an affiliate, I sell some of them myself.

As a business builder, I buy them, too.

Here’s the thing.

I’m willing to bet that, if your business isn’t growing, you don’t really need another training course.

Instead, you need to do the things that I, your company, your sponsor and the other courses you’ve purchased in the past have told you to do so far.

 Implement MLM training course

Lack of Implementation vs. Lack of Knowledge

Most people I meet who aren’t growing are failing because of a lack of implementation, not a lack of knowledge.

If your team isn’t growing, odds are you already know what to do. At least to get you moving forward and rank advancing.

Do those things now. Agressively.

Network Marketing is not a complex business.

We sell cool products to consumers, people like you and me. We set people up in business (sponsor) to do the same thing. We help the people we sponsor find customers and sponsor a team of their own.

That’s it.

Really, how many training courses do you need to show you how to do that?

  • Find people to talk to.
  • Talk to the people you find.
  • Teach the people that join you how to do the first two things.

Implement the basics. Get a team started. Help them implement the basics and get a team started.

Hiding Behind Training

What I see too often is that, instead of getting started and reaching out to people, Network Marketing distributors hide behind learning. They don’t want to face the no’s or the rejection that comes from building a business.

So they convince themselves that they just need to learn one more marketing technique.

One more Facebook strategy.

One more hack.

And they keep spending money on yet another MLM training course. Never implementing what they learn.

Because they’re scared.

And then they blame the industry when they fail.

It’s sad.

And they could have succeeded if they’d only taken those first steps and put into action the training they first got from their company, their sponsor or that first MLM training course they bought.

Get into Action.

Get out your phone and text or call someone and make an invitation. Ask them if they’re open to taking a look at what you’re doing.

Start a conversation with someone on Facebook ro LinkedIn.

Get into action implemeting what you already know to do.

Master that.

Build on that.

THEN when you are growing and you’ve mastered the information you already have, look around and see what’s available to take your business up a notch.

Implement and master that.

Then go on to the next.

But don’t buy another MLM training course to hide behind. Start taking action today on what you already know.

I’m rooting for you.

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Steve Norris
Steve Norris

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