The problem with the common 40 Year Plan is that you work your entire adult life, hit your 60’s and then try to survive on 40% of what you weren’t living especially well on before.

Makes for a sad last third of your life.

Some folks are fortunate enough to have been setting aside 10% to 15% of their income during that time and have built up a nest egg from which they can draw income in addition to Social Security.

Will investing get you there?

I know some very famous money advisors that claim that the S&P 500 has historically averaged 12% per year and you can count on that.

Except that for the last 40 years it has only average a little over 5.5%.

If you had invested $3000 per year for each of the last 40 years, you would have in the neighborhood of $600,000 in your portfolio.

Except today. You’d be down to about $500,000 so far this year.

Sucks to be my age.

Average Social Security benefit in 2020 is $1478 per month. If you draw 3% of your portfolio, that would add $1250.

Can you live on $2728 per month?

I can’t.

Network Marketing gives you another option

Which is why I operate my Network Marketing business.

It allows me to add income to the portfolio and Social Security income so that I can live the rest of my life without having to work as a WalMart greeter until I die.

What would extra income mean to you?

Pay for kids’ college? Quit a job you aren’t in love with? Live life on your own terms without having to ask permission for when to take time off?

No matter how the income would improve your life, whatever your dreams might be, you can achieve them with Network Marketing.

I’m rooting for you.

If you’d like to chat about how a Network Marketing business might work for you, hit me up on my calendar and let’s chat.

Steve Norris
Steve Norris

After spending many years thinking I owned businesses when those businesses actually owned me, I learned how to own a home-based business that truly is based from home. My business now supports my lifestyle rather than my life going to support my business.