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Network Marketing Leads

Your company and your upline probably told you to start out by making a list of everyone you know, or have ever known, and then call them to invite them to take a look at your opportunity. This will work well for some of you and not as well for others.
If you are brand new to the industry, it is probably a great place to start. With a good script and a good tool to use to introduce them, you may well find a few business builders in your personal network. If this isn’t your first time at bat in network marketing, you may have network marketing leadsgone to that well a couple times before and come up dry. Your friends have already heard your pitch and may not be interested. Again, with a good script, it probably is still a good idea to take a run through your list and see if the timing is right for someone you know to take a look. You don’t necessarily know what circumstances may have changed for folks that might make them open to starting a home based business.
Either way, though, you are sooner or later going to come to the end of that list and need new people to talk to. So what do you do?
I’m not cool with the idea of running around in malls, talking to store clerks or whoever with the agenda of prospecting them and turning them into network marketing leads. It lacks respect for them during the time when they are trying to earn a living. I know not everyone agrees with this and that’s OK, but for me, I’m not going to chat people up under false pretenses. It feels slimy.
There are times, during the course of your day that you will meet people who you can honestly and ethically turn into network marketing leads during the course of normal conversation. If you’re talking with someone and they express dissatisfaction with their job, their finances or some other problem that might be solved by your business or products, then you should absolutely get their information and invite them to take a look.
Unless you’re planning on growing very slowly, though, you will probably not generate enough network marketing leads by being out and about “bumping into” people. You will need 3, 5, 10 or more network marketing leads per day to give you the momentum to build an epic business.

Enter the Internet

Most people starting out are told to make a list of everyone they know and to contact those people. Then, when they run out of those people, whether it’s a list of 6 or 60, they don’t know what to do next. They don’t know how to market and generate leads on demand, so they drop out.
Rather than learning the skills necessary to succeed, they quit. And then blame the profession for their failure.
And what happens if you don’t have any warm market at all? You’re screwed.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

network marketing leads
I absolutely believe that you need to learn how to generate your own leads through the internet in order to build a long-term, profitable business. If you can’t generate your own new prospective customers and partners, you won’t last.
But that poses two problems:
1. Where and how, exactly, do you learn this stuff?
2. Since it takes time to learn and become competent in a new skill, what do you do in the meantime to generate business?
You’re never going to realize a consistent and growing $100,000 a year residual income unless you have a simple, effective, affordable and duplicatable network marketing lead generation and conversion system in place for everyone on your team to plug into. So let’s talk about a recruiting and business building system that works and how you can tap into it.

It takes time to learn a new skill

Marketing on the internet is a skill set that takes time and study to master. There are places that will teach you what you need to know. I’ve had subscriptions to several places that teach internet marketing. I’m particularly a fan of Ryan Deiss’ stuff at I’d strongly recommend that you find the same kind of resource. It has been invaluable to me and has helped me see a vision for a bigger, better more solid business as well. Check out that link to get an idea of how you can learn to generate your own network marketing leads, which will make you unstoppable in this business.
In the mean time, though, learning a new skill does take time. you and your team are going to need a source of network marketing leads that you can start making contact with right now so you can get your business moving forward.
In the next post, I’ll talk more about that. I’ll lay out the problem of generating network marketing leads for the new builder and how to solve that problem for you and your team.
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