When building your home business, remember the old saying, “if you’re going to find a prince, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs.”

You’re going to talk to a lot of people over the course of building your home business. Some will want to join you in your business, some will become customers and most will not be interested in doing either.

That’s the reality.

Hands holding up a No sign.

Most people will not want to build a home business of their own.
Not everyone will want to buy your product.
The reality is that most people will say “no” to whatever you are offering.
The thing to understand is that when they tell you “no”, they are doing you a favor.

Telling you “no” is doing you a favor.

The thing we most need from the people we talk with about our home business is a decison. Whether that decision is a yes or a no, isn’t the important thing. The decison itself is.

Running around chasing after “I’ll think about it” people will kill your soul.

You will waste time and burn out on the maybes. So don’t worry about whether or not someone says yes or no. Rejoice over either one.

What about the maybes?

I’ve found that most people that are maybes are really nos that don’t want to tell you. Usually if you give them permission to say no, they’ll feel relieved and tell you.

Just say something to the effect of, “I know you’ve told me you want to think about it, and that’s cool. But I want you to know that I mean it when I tell you it’s OK to tell me no. If this isn’t the right thing for you, I don’t want to be a pain and keep bringing it up.”

This will usually get you a grateful no, or sometimes they’ll tell you the thing they’re uncertain about and you can continue a conversation from there.


Be grateful for the nos and take the time you just saved and go talk with someone else.

Steve Norris
Steve Norris

After spending many years thinking I owned businesses when those businesses actually owned me, I learned how to own a home-based business that truly is based from home. My business now supports my lifestyle rather than my life going to support my business.