Get MLM Leads - Finding People to Talk To About Your BusinessThere are lots of ways for you to get MLM leads and find people to talk to about your product or opportunity.
This is generally referred to as lead generation, but let’s keep it less sales-y and just stick with finding people to talk to.

There are online methods and offline.

Ways that cost you money and ways that don’t.

Ways where you go first and approach them and ways where you get them to come to you.

There is no “right way” to find people. Lots of different people have used lots of different methods get MLM leads and achieve huge success in their business.

Find a few things that resonate with you, a few things you will actually DO and don’t worry so much about how your upline or downline chooses to find people.
One other thing… no matter how you find people, most of them will not be interested in your thing, your business or product. You may (and really better if you’re selling it) think it’s the best thing ever. Most other people won’t. For any product.

Not everyone loves Apple. Or Starbucks, McDonalds, Five Guys, Walmart, Target, apple pie or Chevrolet. Your product is no different.

There are, however, enough people out there who will be crazy about your product for you to make a yacht load of money.

Make it your business to go find them and not worry about the rest.

So what are some methods to get MLM leads?

network marketing leadsLet’s start with the original way to get MLM leads. Make a list of the people you know and call them. Some say you should make a list of everyone you have ever known, going back to childhood. You decide.

The nice part about this is that it’s free. This is one where you go first, that is, you reach out to them to see if there is interest.

I would suggest segmenting this list between folks who you think would be interested in your business and everyone else. If you believe they will be interested in the business, approach them with that. If not, approach them regarding your product.

When approaching people you know (friends and family), I prefer to use an approach that asks for a referral, rather than directly asking them if they’d be interested in the product. Something along the lines of, “I’m marketing a cool product that does blah, blah, blah. Before I started using it, I was blah, blah. Now, I’m blah, blah. Pretty cool, huh? Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?”

Since you aren’t putting pressure on them, if they’re interested, they’ll ask questions. If not, they’ll say so. They might give you a referral (Yay!).

Whatever their answer is, respect it.

Don’t try to force your product or your business on them. That’s how this industry gets a bad name and how you run out of places to go for the holidays.

Don’t alienate friends and family over business.

So what if you don’t want to call them?

Then you can write them a letter. Then the ones who are interested will call you.get MLM leads by mail

This one costs a little money, but you avoid anyone telling you “no”. The response is probably a little lower than if you called them.

You’ll say basically the same thing in the letter as you would on the phone.

“Just a quick note to let you know what I’m up to. I’m hoping you can help me.

I’m marketing a cool product that does blah, blah, blah. I’ve been using it for whatever length of time. Before I tried it I fill in a quick sentence about your pre-product reality, and now I’m fill in a sentence about your product results. I liked it so much, I decide to market it myself.

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

If you do, give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx and I’ll give you some more details.

Thanks for thinking about it.


Send out a hundred of those and you’ll likely get a few people calling you back. Maybe one, maybe seven.

What else?

Next time, we’ll talk about using lists.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be able to use it.

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them.

Steve Norris
Steve Norris

After spending many years thinking I owned businesses when those businesses actually owned me, I learned how to own a home-based business that truly is based from home. My business now supports my lifestyle rather than my life going to support my business.