Hi! How are you doing? Happy Sunday or at least it’s Sunday where I am right now. If you’re having to watch the recording, I hope you’re having a great day wherever and whenever it is for you.

I just came in from having to shovel the snow this morning. We don’t get snow an awful lot here up in the high desert in Idaho but we did today and we just can’t have the driveway all slippery, so that was the first thing I got to do this morning.

Now I get to talk to you.

Today I’m going to talk about the Network Marketing action plan I use. I’d say daily method of operation but it’s not necessarily a daily checklist. I got the idea from Marc LaLonde in Canada and it’s based on working a cycle of time rather than specifically a day. Because some weeks we have lots of time to devote to our business and some weeks not as much. Some of us only have five or ten hours a week that we’re working on our business, so a daily method of operation doesn’t always work. Because there are things that have to get done that maybe take longer than an hour a day.

I have a series of things that I want to accomplish in a given period of time.

I have a list of them and I just go through it as a cycle. I start at the beginning and I work to the end and then I start all over again. Sometimes I get it done once a week, sometimes I get it done twice a week and sometimes I get it done once every 2 weeks. It all depends on how the rest of my life is unfolding. Because one of the cool things about this online business of ours, this network marketing business, is that we can do it in the nooks and crannies. Now granted if you’re not investing a significant amount of time, you’re not going to get tremendous results, so you have to be pretty consistent with your time. You have to devote time to it and dedication to it like you would your job. But that said, there are also things that come up in life that get in the way of the best laid plans, so my checklist (and it’s this right here I’ve made it all pretty and put it on a piece of paper. I started off with just a notepad)

Excuse me, it’s coffee time.

System outline

The system is based on 4 things I wanna get done in any given cycle. These are the 4 things that it takes to drive the business, to move the business forward.

The first of those is content creation. The second is audience building. The third one is prospecting and the fourth one is education, because you have to keep learning new things and greasing the wheels as you go.

So Marc had this acronym for it which made a lot of sense to me and help me remember it. It’s C.A.P.E. Content, Audience, Prospecting, Education.


So Content Creation. In a cycle you want to create one piece of content. Video is best, but written if you’re a writer is fine too. You want to create at least one piece of content each week.

Mine is built around video. I used to do written but video is getting so much better engagement on Facebook on Twitter. It’s really where things are moving so I figured it’s better to do it now than later. So mine is based around doing video and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

So once each cycle you want you want to create one piece of content. Live video on Facebook live is optimal. Next, you want to create a thumbnail image for posting to YouTube. You’ll be using it as your custom thumbnail when you post this video to YouTube.

And that’s number three. The third thing is posting it to YouTube. You want to upload the video to your YouTube channel.

Next, you’ll post the video and a transcription of the video to your personal blog. I have another video I’ve done about how to create a transcription of your video in five minutes. Here’s a link to that article: But you want to upload the video and the transcription of the video to your blog.

I also am converting the transcriptions to PDF files. So they are in an easily downloadable format for someone. This way they don’t have to copy and paste off of the website. They can just download the transcription so that they can read it at their leisure at a later time.

The next step is to take the video link from your blog and the video thumbnail you created and add to your Twitter automation sequence. We will talk about that another day but I use an automated sequence of posting content to Twitter and every new video goes into it.

Finally, if you are at this stage, you also want to create your Facebook ad around this video. Facebook ads are used, in my world anyway, to send additional content directly into the newsfeed of a Custom Audience I’ve built. So that they are continually fed new content directly to their stream.


The second thing on the list is Audience Building. I primarily use Twitter and Facebook and the thinking or the strategy behind building audience is similar on both. Just the numbers are a little bit different. We’ll talk about Twitter.

I use basically reciprocation strategy. I use a couple of different methods to find people who are likely to be interested in my content. They are target market people for my niche. They’re likely to want to consume what I have to offer and I follow those people.

Usually 100 to 200 of them a day. A significant percentage, I get about 25% or so, follow me back. So that’s building my audience by 25 to 50 new people per day. I’m a little over 5200 people right now. So every day, that’s new people getting my content on a regular daily basis.

After I’ve followed my quota of people for the day, because of the constraints of Twitter and what it will allow you to do with numbers of followers, I unfollow and clean my list. I do the same thing with my friends list on Facebook. I go through it and with Twitter I’ll unfollow about the same number, 100 or so a day just to clean the list. If people aren’t following me back I’m not interested in clogging up my feed with them. I’m not going to clutter up my list with folks who aren’t really engaged. So that’s an easy thing and I do that 3 times each within a cycle. That’s follow three times and unfollow three times within the cycle.


Next up is Prospecting because if you’re just throwing content out, yes sooner or later there’s going to be additional people that will contact you, people who will raise their hand and say “Hey talk to me because I’m interested in what you have” but you really need to be a little bit more proactive than that.

The attraction marketing, the passive marketing, takes a long time to build the momentum for that to be throwing off enough leads for you to be able to eat and pay your bills. So being a little bit more proactive and prospecting and going out and engaging people is a strategy that I do every day. I would encourage you to do the same.

Basically it’s engaging with people and looking for opportunities to develop conversation with them around the products and services that I sell.

Every time somebody follows me on Twitter I direct message them to start up a conversation. If, as that conversation progresses, express a way that I might be able to help them, then I take the opportunity to say, “Hey I don’t know if this is for you or not but…”

And go on from there.

You have to do that every single day. You have to be looking for opportunities to find new customers and find new team members every single day.

That’s the only the only reason we’re really doing any of this is, because the object of the game is to sell stuff.

You have to find new people to be able to sell your products and services to daily.


Lastly, the E in the CAPE acronym is Education.

That’s a daily personal development thing. There are so many things to learn in a business and in particular with this online marketing. There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of skills to develop. You have to be going about that every day. You have to be working on your mindset every day and you have to be working on your vision every day. You also have to be working on your skill set every day so that you’re better today than you were yesterday.

In addition to that you want to take this education that that you’re getting and you want to turn around and use it as a source of creating content. As you learn things and as you try them and document that they work for you, then you want to turn that experience into content and pass it along.

That’s how I got this one we’re talking about today. I originally got the idea from someone else. I took it, modified it, worked with it and made sure it works. It’s helped me and now I’m passing the idea long to you.

That’s the kind of thing you need to do every single day so you never run out of content ideas to continually feed your lead generating system. Your cash machine, if you will.

So that’s it for this episode. i’m going to go ahead and put a link in so you can download a blank copy of the checklist. I’lll put it in a PDF but if you wanted to Word document, I can do that too. Just shoot me an email. That way you could edit it.

So once again hope you enjoy the day. I’m going to go out and finish my yard work and I’ve got a couple of household chores to do for The Lovely Wife.

Thanks for listening.

Again, my name is Steve Norris with The Affluent Networker and I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great day.


Download a PDF transcript of this video here.

Download a PDF copy of the checklist here.

Steve Norris
Steve Norris

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