In his book, Pizza Tiger, Tom Monaghan of Dominoes Pizza states, “Everything we established in our first twenty years was merely a foundation. The rest, the entire superstructure of the company, was built in six short years.”

It’s like that building a Network Marketing business, too.

Have you ever watched the construction of a new office building in your city?

When they start construction and put up that plywood fence around the site, it seems to take forever, months and months, before the building starts to rise above the confines of the fence. Once it does, though, it seems to go up really quickly.

Don Failla tells a good story that uses that image of the office building to picture how your Network Marketing team will look one day.

Digging the foundation

When you start building, you’re out there working on your own or with your sponsor. It’s like excavating for the building using shovels. It’s slow and heavy work. But as you find your five serious people, there will be more of you sharing the work.

As you begin to build your second level of distributors under your first five, now there are six of you working on the building and it’s like you’ve brought in some equipment to help you dig. The hole for the foundation starts getting bigger and deeper a little more quickly.

As you fill in your second level and your five people find their five, now there are thirty-one of you working on the foundation and it really starts to move along. It’s as if you’ve brought in the big dozers and steam shovels.

When you’ve started bringing in your 125 third level people, you’ve hit bedrock. When your team is hitting four deep, you will start seeing your structure rise above the sidewalk. From here it will start to grow very quickly.

Success takes time.

It’s important to not let yourself get discouraged during your first months when things seem to be moving slowly. Building a solid foundation takes a little time, but it creates the base on which your empire will rise.

This is why building depth and working with your team is so important.

There are those whose only focus is recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. They don’t take the time to train and work with their new people, they just keep on bringing in new recruits.

But just like a skyscraper that is built on sand, their structure will crumble because it doesn’t have a strong foundation on which to build.

Help your team succeed. Build depth and have a strong foundation on which you can build a huge organization.

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Steve Norris
Steve Norris

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