I want to talk to you today about the 5 core fundamentals that we must master if we’re going to build a massive duplicating organization and if we are going to help our people do that very same thing.

There’s 5 of them that I first learned from Dale Calvert and they are:

  1. Launch your business correctly and teach your people how to launch their business correctly.
  2. Secondly is you’re going to need a customer acquisition program and a referral program.
  3. Third is your recruiting process.
  4. Fourth is a retention system for customers and distributors.
  5. Fifth is lead generation, both online and offline.

You need to master these fundamentals and teach your people how to duplicate these fundamentals and pass them on to their team.

Fundamental 1 – Launch

To launch a business correctly you make a list of 50 names of people you know. These are people for practice, to get us started making contacts and putting our information in front of people.

Getting these first contacts under our belt is gonna be a win in and of itself, but when we go through them, thes chances are we’re going to pick up a new distributor or were going to pick up a customer or two. If we do, great, but just the act of doing this starts some forward momentum.

From this list, we’re gonna set aside the 10 most entrepeneurial people we know to approach about the opportunity.

My script is a simple, “Hey Bob this is this is Steve. I just started a new business and I don’t know if this is something that you be interested in or not, but I know you know the kind of person that I’m looking for. So I’d like to shoot you a link to a short four minute video. After you watch it, let me know who you know that I should get in touch with. Could you do that for me?”

The seconds step is to approach the remaining 40 people about your product. We’ll talk more about that in the next section.

The third step of our launch is to post an announcement on social media.

A single announcement.

Please don’t be clogging up your wall with non-stop product pitches; you’ll turn off the vast majority of your audience that isn’t interested today. Take your time.

But do make that announcement. If you opened a taco joint, you’d tell your friends and ask them to come check out your restaurant and to tell their friends. This is no different.

Something along the lines of “I just started a business marketing a product that helps people lose weight without following a restrictive diet and still getting to enjoy their favorite foods. If you know someone who might ant to know more about a product like that, please pass my name along to them.”

And that’s it. If they are interested, they will let you know. And if you aren’t annoying in the beginning, you’ll be able to continue to occaisionally post about an offer. We’ll talk lots more about marketing on Facebook and other social sites another day.

Fundamental 2 – Customers and Referrals

The remaining 40 from our practice list we will approach with our product.

If you have their mailing address mailing brochure is a great way to start. If you don’t have a mailing address you can text or email them a PDF.

Follow up 3 days later if you’re mailing or the next day if you used email or text.

Verify they received your brochure and ask them “Who do you know who might want to lose weight while still enjoying their favorite foods?” or some benefit laden question related to your product.

They’ll either tell you they would like try it, or give you a name of someone or neither. Either way is a win. Get permission to touch base down the road and put them in your drip campaign.

The most important thing for us to remember in Network Marketing is that we are not trying to convince anybody to get into the business. Also, we’re not trying to convince them that they need to buy our product. And we’re sure as heck not gonna harass and badger people over and over and over again about either or business or our products ’cause we still want some place to go for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Doing that is what harms relationships and gives the industry (and you) a bad name.

We do want let people know what we’re doing and we want to plant that seed and then again just drip information on people. In time you’ll pick up some more businessand/or more referrals.

Fundamental 3 – Recuiting System

I teach a simple, 2-step recruiting system and I believe you should, too.

The first step of your system is a simple capture page that provides a very brief (about 2 minutes) introduction to your program. The purpose of this introduction is to arouse enough curiosity so they will want to hear more information

To get that information, they will need to provide you with their contact information.

This will allow you to follow up with them over time if they don’t get involved immediately.

The second step is to get them the whole story of your opportunity. There are lots of ways to do this and your company or upline probably has something in place for this.

It could be a live weekly call, a Zoom meeting, a webinar or a live hotel or in-home meeting. Whatever your company or upline uses, plug them into that.

Fundamental 4 – Retention System

You want your customers and distributors to be with you for life.

Retaining customers involves having a follow-up system after the initial purchase to answer questions, make sure they are using the product correctly and to see what reults they are getting.

You want to make certain you are giving them the best possible chance for success with your product. You also want to make sue they don’t run out. If they haven’t, you’ll want to remind them of the convenience of auto-ship, so that they contiue to get product and will never run out.

Send them articles about the product, or information surrounding it. Articles on nutrition, for example.

Stay in touch and you will earn repeat business and referrals from a large percentage of your customers. You will also fins a percetage of them will eventually want to join your business.

Distributor retention is pretty much the same, mechanically.

You stay in touch, provide coaching and hekp them achieve their goals.

Every distributor is going to hit a wall in their first 120 days. They’ll get frustrated. They’ll question whether they are doing the right thing and maybe even wonder of the grass is greener somewhere else.

You owe it to them to be in communication with them so that when this happens, you can provide encouragement and support to help them break through their slump and get back on track.

Fundamental 5 – Traffic

The last piece of the puzzle is generating enough leads and driving enough traffic through this system that you reach your goals.

There are many ways to generate leads and traffic. Some local, some not. Some that cost money and others that don’t.

You want to develop a mix of methods that will generate you the number of leads you need to build the business you want to build.

How to do this is the topic of a majority of my other posts.

One place I’m using successfully now is Twitter. There are millions of active users on Twitter and if you can target the right people and provide them with the right message, you can make the site a good place to generate leads with little to no expense.

If you’d like a free mini-course on how to use Twitter for generating leads for your business, you can get a copy of the course I used to get started on. Just click on the big purple button below and we’ll get you set up. No catches, just more good free information.

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Steve Norris
Steve Norris

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