Go Wide Fast.

How many times have you heard some online Network Marketing guru brag about recruiting 20 or 30 or 50 people in a month? It sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? A lot of talk about Network Marketing recruiting centers on bringing in a lot of people each month.

Go to YouTube and you can find dozens, if not hundreds of videos on “How to Recruit 30 People in 30 Days”

There’s an old saying about Network Marketing recruiting that I first heard from Mark Yarnell. It says to go wide fast and teach your people to go wide fast. That is the strategy that will build a big group.

I have all the respect in the world for Mark Yarnell. He is a legend in our industry. But let me ask you,
Do you believe you have an obligation to work with your personally sponsored people to teach them how to build a business?

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If so,
How many people can you effectively work with at a time?

If you are off trying to recruit the world, what happens to most of the people you enrolled?

The truth is that without support and training, most of the people you enroll will drop out pretty quickly.

You will have achieved nothing but adding to the stories of people who “try” network marketing and “failed”. And maybe made a few bucks from Quick Start commissions.

No residual income. No growing group.

Just another sales job. Is that why you got into Network Marketing?

Network Marketing recruiting comes with responsibility.

In fact many of your new people won’t have tried because they won’t have known what to do. And they won’t have know what to do because you didn’t fulfill your responsibility to teach them how to successfully build a business.

A common mistake that people make in this business is they believe that by the act of recruiting someone, they have duplicated themselves.

You sponsor Carol

Since 1+1=2, it’s an easy mistake to make. You sponsor Carol and you think that means you’ve duplicated yourself.

The fallacy in this thinking is that if the enroller were to drop out of the business, the enrollee would most likely drop out as well.

You aren’t really duplicated until the people you sponsor can carry on without you. That’s where momentum, geometric progression and residual income come from.

The key to duplication

Network Marketing is a business of building a large, duplicating group through which a large volume of product moves. If you’re going to achieve that, your Network Marketing recruiting will require you to teach and train your new recruits how to successfully build their own groups.

If you teach the person you sponsor (Carol) how to sponsor someone else (Ted), that’s getting closer to duplication, but you aren’t there yet. If you leave to work with other people, Carol and Ted still aren’t in a position to grow without you.

Plus 2

But if you teach Carol how to teach Ted how to sponsor Alice, Carol now has the tools to keep driving her group. THAT is when you have really duplicated yourself. You now have a line that can continue to grow with or without you.

That’s the magic leverage you need in this business for it to grow exponentially.

Build 3 deep to duplicate

By teaching your people how to grow their group, you lock in success.

Now you can start another line, knowing you have a solid build in place under Carol.

So if you are going to build an empire, I’d recommend go wide until you have four, maybe five serious people that you have personally sponsored. Remember, serious people are the people who are doing the 4 things it takes to succeed. They’re in the game. No matter how hard you try, you’ll need to sponsor more than four to find four who are serious.

While you’re building that width, you work with your serious people you do have and teach them how to duplicate.

Once you have one of them three deep, you’ll have the free time to go start another line. This is how you grow a deep, stable business.

The most important thing to do after you’ve sponsored someone is not to sponsor someone else, but to help your new person sponsor someone and build a leg.

So go as wide as you want, but do it the smart way.

Just going wide and hoping for someone to stick will leave you in an endless cycle of replacing fallout rather than building a team. That way leads to eternal Network Marketing recruiting headaches.

Get your first serious four and pour your time into helping them get started right. Once one of them duplicates (goes three deep) then you bring on another personally sponsored serious person.

That’s the cycle you want to repeat.

Now let’s go build an empire.

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Steve Norris
Steve Norris

After spending many years thinking I owned businesses when those businesses actually owned me, I learned how to own a home-based business that truly is based from home. My business now supports my lifestyle rather than my life going to support my business.